How Many Blog Article Images Do You Need?

One of the many questions that bloggers ask is, “How many images per blog post do I need?” There is no hard rule on this, but there is certainly a number that is too many. Adding too many blog article images kind of spoils the best parts. Yes, it is just like watching your favorite TV series. When you find out who in the Game of Thrones gets killed off without actually experiencing the drama itself, you feel like you have been robbed of the thrill of anticipation.

The same is true with blog featured images. You put up your blog to tell stories or share your views. Surely, you want to provide your readers with the thrill of anticipation at the thought of re-living your moments or empathizing with you. They desperately want to see clearly what you are trying to communicate. So, when is a number of blog article images too much? Check out this site.

Buffer did a study on high ranking posts and found that an average of about 3 images or 1 image per 350 words affects their performance in search. Compared to blogs with no images at all, a post with at least one image has more traffic than its pure-text counterpart. The posts with the highest time on page has an average of one image as well. How will it fair when you add 13? Well, the answer is the ranking does not really change that much.

The number of images you put in your blog depends solely to you. All we can say is “Trust your gut.” If you feel that two or more images should be on your article to make your message clearer, go ahead. But do keep in mind that high quality images are not for free and pumping your page with them will not get it any higher than what 2 or 3 images can do. Before you make your blog a stream of images with no end in sight, consider what your readers will feel too.