How Many Blog Article Images Do You Need?

One of the many questions that bloggers ask is, “How many images per blog post do I need?” There is no hard rule on this, but there is certainly a number that is too many. Adding too many blog article images kind of spoils the best parts. Yes, it is just like watching your favorite TV series. When you find out who in the Game of Thrones gets killed off without actually experiencing the drama itself, you feel like you have been robbed of the thrill of anticipation.

The same is true with blog featured images. You put up your blog to tell stories or share your views. Surely, you want to provide your readers with the thrill of anticipation at the thought of re-living your moments or empathizing with you. They desperately want to see clearly what you are trying to communicate. So, when is a number of blog article images too much? Check out this site.

Buffer did a study on high ranking posts and found that an average of about 3 images or 1 image per 350 words affects their performance in search. Compared to blogs with no images at all, a post with at least one image has more traffic than its pure-text counterpart. The posts with the highest time on page has an average of one image as well. How will it fair when you add 13? Well, the answer is the ranking does not really change that much.

The number of images you put in your blog depends solely to you. All we can say is “Trust your gut.” If you feel that two or more images should be on your article to make your message clearer, go ahead. But do keep in mind that high quality images are not for free and pumping your page with them will not get it any higher than what 2 or 3 images can do. Before you make your blog a stream of images with no end in sight, consider what your readers will feel too.

Why Should You Consider Mobile Vector Editing Apps?

There are a number of vector editing apps in the market. You have a lot of choices to choose from. To determine which suits you best, consider three things – your creative needs, your budget and your time. Are you spending so much time with your creative projects that you miss out on most family gatherings? If the answer is yes, then you probably need to switch to a mobile vector editing application.

Yes, the traditional vector editing apps on your desktop is not bad. But, it does take you out of the picture during special occasions or during vacations. Your family probably miss you a lot of time. It is time to go with them, without compromising your work ethic.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Vector Editing Application:

  • Maximizes every spare minute so you can finish your project on time
  • Delivers your finished project much quicker
  • Complete your creative process wherever you are
  • Speed up your workflow
  • Valorize time that otherwise would be wasted
  • Do all edits on the go
  • Earn more money with your designs

While desktop vector editing apps have higher resolution and power, they can slow you down. You can use the Adobe Illustrator and other great alternatives to achieve the same.

Also, don’t forget to get your vectors from VectorFresh. Backed by industry experts, you can be sure that are getting high quality and fully functional vectors. Many creatives are disappointed with other vector sources that offer broken or corrupted files. But with VF, you can be sure that they work perfectly fine. All vectors are compatible with any vector editing apps as well. Whatever tool you are using, you can edit the files with ease.

What are you waiting for? Try out a mobile vector editing application with VectorFresh and see how it will work wonders on your time spent. Get the early bird offer and continue to take advantage of it today!



A Guide to Find the Best Icon Pack

Choosing the best icon pack is like marriage. You need to know what you are getting yourself into. There are various factors in choosing the right icon pack. The most common factor used by designers is the size. If an icon pack is not large enough, they will not proceed to check other parameters such as style and quality.

IconTail has one of the biggest icon collections in the market. It has over 2050 vector icons all ready and optimized for iOS and Android. Available in 7 different sizes, you can choose between line and filled-in icons to suit your design needs. They are presented in 11 different file types, including AI, EPS, PNG and many more.

Purchase your icon pack from IconTail for these two main reasons:

  • Large amount of icons on 50 different categories
  • Consistent style and quality across an icon pack

There is an enormous amount of icons in the Internet and downloading one at a time is not only time consuming, but can also destroy uniformity. On the other hand, downloading an icon pack gives you few but consistent options. Take for instance, you are looking for an icon of email. You will find over a dozen choices in the Internet, but you should also consider the other icons you use in your website. With a single icon pack, you will have consistent style and quality.

Purchase the best icon pack from IconTail starting at $99. You can download all icons in 11 different file types with a Friendly License that allows you to use them in commercial and personal purposes. If you only need icons with AI and EPS format, you can purchase the $69 plan which also gives you the same access and license. The icon site offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Take this chance and visit now!